Chrysoprase Pendant
Chrysoprase Pendant
Chrysoprase Pendant

Chrysoprase Pendant

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This mystical, bright green crystal brings harmony to unbalanced emotions, promoting inner peace and new horizons for the wearer to explore whether that be a new place to live in, a newly sprouting relationship, or a completely new life journey! Buy a Chrysoprase crystal for you or a close friend or family member who may need a change in their life! 


  • 100% Handmade
  • Materials: Gold and Silver colored wire
  • Stone: Chyrsoprase
  • Tumbled Stone: Yes
  • Chain: This pendant comes with a black cord chain
  • Style: Boho and Hippie
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Chrysoprase balances the yin-yang energy. Chrysoprase induces deep meditation states and promotes love of truth. Chrysoprase promotes hope and encourages fidelity in both business and romantic relationships. Chrysoprase stimulates creativity and draws out one's talents. Chrysoprase mends the broken heart, heals the inner child, and heals relationships. Chrysoprase is said to help the wearer overcome compulsive or impulsive, angry thoughts and behavior. Physically, Chrysoprase is known as a strong detoxifying stone. Chrysoprase eliminates waste from the mind and body. Chrysoprase increases the assimilation of Vitamin C. Chrysoprase aids sleep and prevents nightmares. Chrysoprase cleanses the liver. Chrysoprase aids those who struggle with claustrophobia. Chrysoprase balances the hormones and treats reproductive organs. It aids fertility issues as well. Chrysoprase treats skin diseases. Chrysoprase aids mental and physical illnesses as well as exhaustion. Chrysoprase is associated with the sacral and heart chakra. Chrysoprase is associated with the element, water. Chrysoprase resonates the strongest with the zodiacs, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra.


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*** Please note that because these are all natural stones, the crystal you receive may vary slightly in color, shape, and size than pictured. This product is not FDA-approved and in no way should replace the direction or medication given by a medical professional.