Raw Labradorite Pendant
Raw Labradorite Pendant

Raw Labradorite Pendant

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There is always such mystery behind the many-hued flames within the Labradorite stone. Labradorite is perfect for revealing the truths behind illusions, whether that be within oneself or within a relationship of any sort. The bewildering energy of this stone draws out and strengthens the intuition of the wearer. It is beautiful, mysterious and powerful in so many ways. Purchase this empowering crystal today and feel the irresistible magnetism of the Labradorite. Add this mysterious stone to your collection today. Each unique, piece of raw labradorite is wrapped with love and care and is ready for a special home. 


  • 100% Handmade
  • Materials: Silver colored wire
  • Stone: Labradorite
  • Raw Stone: Yes
  • Chain: You can purchase this pendant with a black cord chain or a silver chain.
  • Style: Boho and Hippie
  • Free Shipping


Labradorite is considered a powerful spiritual stone. Labradorite also is known for repelling negativity, not only from those around you but from yourself as well. Labradorite is a stone of many colors, just as it changes colors within itself, it helps us discover the many colors within ourselves. Labradorite is a stone of transformation, helping us bring out the best in ourselves, enhancing our strength of inner worth. Labradorite is said to help one through changes and also protect the wearer from psychic attacks. Labradorite is associated with the throat chakra. Labradorite is associated with the tarot card, The High Priestess. Labradorite resonates with the element of fire. Labradorite resonates the strongest with the zodiac in Leo.


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*** Please note that because these are all natural stones, the crystal you receive may vary slightly in color, shape, and size than pictured. This product is not FDA approved and in no way should replace direction or medication given by a medical professional.