Red Jasper Heart Pendant

Red Jasper Heart Pendant

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This necklace features a Red Jasper Heart wrapped in silver wire and ready to find a new home with someone special! 


  • 100% Handmade
  • Stone: Red Jasper
  • Polished Stone: Yes
  • Material: Silver colored wire.
  • Chain: you can purchase this pendant with a black cord chain
  • Style: Boho and Hippie
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Red Jasper is a powerful grounding stone. Red Jasper brings courage, stamina and the inner strength of a warrior. Red Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer. Red Jasper feeds one their own inner power. Red Jasper has powerful fiery energy within and may seem intimidating, but in reality is a very warm energized stone used for comfort. Red Jasper is highly protective against all kinds of threats. Red Jasper wards off danger and helps protect against electromagnetic smog and pollution.  Red Jasper can help heal sexual issues between couples. Red Jasper promotes sexual interest and compatibility within a relationship. Red Jasper improves endurance. Red Jasper aids dream recall. Physically, Red Jasper is good for keeping the circulatory system strong, and it keeps the body in a constant state of detox. Red Jasper detoxifies the liver. Red Jasper is associated with the tarot card The Emperor. Red Jasper is associated with the element, Fire. Red Jasper is associated with the base chakra. Res Jasper associates with the zodiac Leo. 


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*** Please note that because these are all natural stones, the crystal you receive may vary slightly in color, shape, and size than pictured. This product is not FDA approved and in no way should replace direction or medication given by a medical professional.